Episode Two: We’re on the Right Track

Steve, Arnold (our Expo Director), and I drove to Chattanooga, TN for ConNooga on Saturday.  We were glad to go because it was the first time that we’ve had a chance to go this particular convention.  As any great leader does, I took it upon myself to navigate us there as Steve drove. I’ve been to Chattanooga several times over the years and have always felt that I knew how to get around pretty well. Seemed easy enough for a Chattanooga veteran, right? After one wrong exit and a few other wrong turns here and there, we finally made it. Unfortunately, I was then banished to the backseat, as the other guys wouldn’t let me live this down.

After we got to the Choo Choo, we registered, got our badges, and then headed to the far end of the complex to the Track 29 building where the dealers, guests, artists, and exhibition areas were located.  From there on out, we made quite a few trips to and from “Track 29″ and around the facility, meeting and talking with people who will be involved with APF.  

Side note:  I was glad I wore comfortable shoes, because we were on our feet for most of the day.

Although my dogs were barking, so to speak, we gladly spent the day on the go. We were very sorry that we had to miss some of the educational panels as we were busy in meetings, networking, and promoting APF.  However, I can say with enthusiastic certainty that the trip was very productive as it gave us a chance to meet with people who are scheduled to attend the APF and discuss details face-to-face with them, rather than emails or phone conversations – a real, live person is always better than a thumbnail image in my book!

We also met with several dealers, who are really excited to come to APF, as well. If the people we met and talked with are any indication of the caliber in attendance at the Alabama Phoenix Festival, well, then Birmingham is in for quite a treat!

We finished up the day by having a very nice meal and dinner meeting at The Terminal Brewhouse with some of the folks from Silvermeet Studios.  The restaurant is just a short walk down the street from the Choo Choo on Market Street.  The food was fantastic, and if you are ever in Chattanooga, I would highly recommend going there to try it for yourself.

Overall, it was a fantastic trip, and although I was exhausted by the end of the day, it was well worth it.

- Tim

Tim Stacks, COO Alabama Phoenix Festival