The Road to the APF

Alabama Phoenix Festival 2013 is just around the corner, and the Birmingham community is excited about getting the word out! In fact, every TV station in town is featuring some aspect of the convention, from Steampunk costuming to gaming to LEGOs to Ghostbusters! Birmingham Mountain Radio is also doing a weekly segment with special guests and cosplayers from various genres. Tune in to these outlets leading up to Memorial Day Weekend to see exactly what will be offered at APF:

May 9 – Birmingham Mountain Radio (7:00pm)

May 10 – ABC 33/40 Talk of Alabama (9:00am)

May 16 – Birmingham Mountain Radio (7:00pm)

May 17 – ABC 33/40 Talk of Alabama (9:00am)

May 20 – FOX 6 Good Day Alabama (8:30am)

May 20 – CBS 42 Morning Show (6:30am)

May 23 – Birmingham Mountain Radio (7:00pm)

May 23 – NBC13 Alabama Tonight (6:15pm)

May 24 — NBC13 Daytime Alabama (11:00am)

May 24 – FOX 6 Good Day Alabama (6:50am)

May 24 – ABC 33/40 (9:00am)

And don’t forget to pick up the May issue of Birmingham Magazine for an exclusive interview with Tim, Stan, and Steve – all three of our founders!

Birmingham Magazine

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