Episode Three: Color us Thrilled!

Last week was another busy week at APF central.  Tim and I spent Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evening getting the final construction on the…

oh yeah, I can’t tell you what we were working on.

All I can say is, it’s cool.  My friend Paul has made finishing this project really difficult.  He did most of the fabrication and left it to us to finish.  My problem is he set the bar so high with the quality of craftsmanship that I’m afraid my work won’t live up to it.

Thursday night was another one of our bi-monthly work sessions.  We started around 6 in the evening and finished about 11.  We covered a large number of topics, but the main focus was on programming and guests.  There aren’t any major revelations to share; it was just more work to make sure everything keeps going forward as smoothly as possible.

An aside on the subject of guests, I just want to say how thrilled I am with the talent that has graciously agreed to be part of APF.  It doesn’t seem like that many months ago I was worried about having the quality guests and panelists to bring the programming we envisioned to life.  Now my problem is that I won’t be able to attend all the great panels.

Friday night was another 6 to 11 night.  Tim and I were at Kingdom Comics where the first of the APF Magic: The Gathering qualifiers was held.  We had a great turnout.  Lynn, the APF Magic coordinator, and her team ran a very professional game.  Congratulations to the 4 qualifiers:

  • 1st Place: Phillip Ward
  • 2nd Place: Christopher Greene
  • 3rd Place: Terry Savage
  • 4th Place: Charles Smith

We are looking forward to seeing them in the tournament.  We also are looking forward to the next qualifier at Bud’s Place in Leeds next Saturday.

In between all of this we hooked up with more guests, scheduled meetings for the next few weeks, talked to potential sponsors, figured out how to make group rates work though our online store, and had Tim updating our website multiple times a day.   I can’t speak for Tim, but I was happy for Saturday, and the special project I can’t tell you about, to get here so I didn’t have to be at my pesky day job at 7 am.

Still want to know what the special project is? The paint color should give you a hint:

- Steve

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